WordPress LMS course

Learn WordPress LMS for beginners

Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course

What you’ll learn

  • What you need to get started wordpress.
  • Learn WordPress LMS Plugins.
  • Recommended WP LMS Plugin.
  • Consumption Boost & Engagement.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 1hr 1min.

Wordpress LMS course


Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course


“Finally, Learn How To Setup an Engaging Online Course On Your WordPress Site…Starting Today”

This specific training course was designed to help you watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively setup your online course on your WordPress site…


Here’s a list of this 8-part video series in more detail:

Video #1: Introduction

This video will give you a bird’s eye view of the course. We’ll also discuss what you need to get started on this right away.

Video #2: The Big Problem

Did you know that the biggest problem is not getting your site setup to sell? But rather, getting your students to consume your course? We’ll discuss how you can combat this and set your course up right.

Video #3: The Experience

How your student experiences your course from start to finish is important. Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Well show you what has worked well for us based on decades of experience.

Video #4: WordPress LMS Plugins

Choosing the right WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) is crucial to your success. Yes, there are some free ones out there – but is it really worth it? We will discuss some WordPress LMS plugins that are available and show which ones we recommend.

Video #5: Recommended WP LMS Plugin

You’ll be given a quick overview of our recommended WordPress LMS plugin in this video.

Video #6: Consumption Boost

One of the reasons why people stop in the middle of a course – will be discussed here. You’ll also learn how to combat it.

Video #7: Engagement

It’s a known fact that people buy courses – but people will only stay engaged if done right. There are two ways to do this and we’ll talk about it here.

Video #8: Prestige and Fun

It’s a known fact that people feel more connected when they are acknowledged. We’ll discuss what studies have shown and what gives people a sense of value and prestige that will help them stay on course.


So, how can you achieve this in your course? Grab this course now and learn how to setup a highly engaging course today!




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