Structural Shop drawing (project included)

Designing a 2 Floors Structure using Prokon and Executing Professional Blueprints (Practice File included, Detailed)

This Course will have a short videos so you can fully understand each lecture and have the time to practice what you’ve learnt each lecture.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Deal With problems During Design.
  • Executing Structural Plans (Blueprints).
  • Simple Tricks in AutoCAD.
  • Type of Loads you will Counter during design and how to design accordingly.

Course Content

  • Introduction To the Course, Project Outlines –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • Files used through out the Course –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • Axis –> 2 lectures • 26min.
  • Slab (one way Ribbed Slab) –> 6 lectures • 1hr 25min.
  • Foundation –> 2 lectures • 45min.
  • Structural Plans –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Attached Files to Practice with –> 1 lecture • 2min.

Structural Shop drawing (project included)


  • Simple AutoCAD Commands..
  • Basic Knowledge in Structural Analysis.
  • Beginner in Prokon.
  • Beginner in Etabs and SAFE.

This Course will have a short videos so you can fully understand each lecture and have the time to practice what you’ve learnt each lecture.


As for the course we will be Designing a simple Structure with 2 Floors with Roof.

Starting out with the Architectural Plans understanding how to distribute Columns and how to choose the columns dimensions.


as For Prokon  you will learn some info as we go through the lectures

  1. Basic Information on each Member.
  2. Basic Members and Reactions Calculation.
  3. How to eliminate any Beam Deflection.
  4. How to Reinforce and read the Deflection, and determine if its safe of not.

as for AutoCAD you will learn the Following.

  1. Fully detail each member , ready to be handed for construction.
  2. Shop drawing.
  3. AutoCAD Hotkeys and key binds
  4. How to draw and Execute Structural Plans for the Structure we’re designing.

I will Attach 3 AutoCAD Files (.DWG) for you to try it out for your self and i will attach the file that we’ll work on plus the files for Prokon for you to fully understand it yourself and ask me if you have any problems with it.


Some of the members is considered as a template member such as the Staircases and water tanks Which will not be cover it in this course.


I would recommend you that you have the minimum information about AutoCAD and Prokon in order to keep up with the Lectures.

(Note to keep) : All Design Files and drawings are included and will be easy to access For Lifetime (you can use them in your projects or your career.


I will attach a Simple Structure for you to try it out yourself and have me look on it when you finish so you can be confident in what you have designed.


Simple Note for any Civil Engineer that have the Passion to Be a Structural Designing Engineer, Start improving your skills in Designing softwares DO NOT WAIT. (AutoCAD is your Friend).


I will be using AutoCAD 2017 and PROKON v.3, any version will do the job for you.

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