An Introduction to Espresso Android Testing

Automate Android native mobile application testing using Espresso and Java. Work with Android Devices and Emulators

Build a strong foundation in Espresso testing with this practical course suited to both beginners and experienced professionals.

What you’ll learn

  • The core testing skills needed to become a great Mobile Tester in just 2 hours..
  • Setup Android Studio and Espresso Dependencies.
  • Automate test cases using espresso and measure code coverage using Jacoco.
  • Test your Adapter and Recycler views.
  • Automate testing of intents using Espresso.
  • Automate testing of web views using Espresso.
  • Build custom matchers.
  • Setup LogCat logging.
  • Integrate SonarQube with Jacoco and Espresso.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 11min.
  • Mobile Testing Basics –> 5 lectures • 20min.
  • Implementing Test cases in different scenarios –> 18 lectures • 1hr 16min.

An Introduction to Espresso Android Testing


  • A desire to learn and Crush It!.
  • A working Computer with either Windows/MacOS or Linux.
  • An Internet connection.
  • All technologies we will use will be free/have free trial versions.
  • An android device can be helpful but not required [we can use emulators].
  • We will setup android studio on your machine.

Build a strong foundation in Espresso testing with this practical course suited to both beginners and experienced professionals.

A automated testing tool for android is essential becuase unlike code, with testing we care about how our test cases are automated in terms of development and execution. Espresso is the top ranked testing automation tool in the market. Android testing tools  are being used more and more for their role in Blackbox testing and task Automation. Use cases of automated testing tools today range from measuring [and analyzing] code coverage using plugins like Jacoco to UI validations for Adapter and Recycler views. Even CI/CD tools like Jenkins leverage Espresso to test UI changes. As such more and more jobs are going to developers who have the skill of using espresso for android testing

This course will guide you through all the basics of Espresso and get you ready to tackle any database automation project that comes your way.

We will cover the following pillars of Espresso and Android testing:

1)Software Testing Fundamentals: In this section you will learn the theory behind UI testing. We cover everything from Blackbox testing to the Software Development Life cycle to the life cycle of a bug. Leave behind the days of manual tracking and leaving comments for the testing teams. Automate the process!

2)Espresso Implementation: First setup android studio along with Espresso dependencies. Then learn how to use espresso in real life situations. From testing Adapter views to Espresso Intents. We even try the espresso recorder for automation.

3)Espresso on the Job: Learn about the correct ways of doing things. The theory behind why use test cases in particular ways. We even show some of these skills in practice. Use tools for bug tracking, project management and notifications.


Everything is well documented and separated, so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge. The course will have a combination of theory and practical examples.