Elixir for Beginners

A beginners guide to the Elixir language, tools and functional concepts

Do you want web sites that can easily scale to millions of users?
Or build a system to reliably handle the coming Internet of Things (IoT) future?

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to read and write Elixir code.
  • Understand the key tenets of functional programming, immutable data, pattern matching and recursion.
  • Create your own Elixir programs.
  • Use the appropriate tools when building Elixir programs.
  • Think confidently in Elixir, and have detailed knowledge of the most important language primitives.

Course Content

  • Welcome to Elixir –> 4 lectures • 11min.
  • Introduction to Elixir –> 3 lectures • 12min.
  • Basic types –> 3 lectures • 16min.
  • Basics of functional thinking –> 3 lectures • 19min.
  • Complex types –> 3 lectures • 22min.
  • Modules & Functions –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • Recursion –> 3 lectures • 13min.
  • Processes –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Caesar Cipher Project –> 4 lectures • 30min.

Elixir for Beginners


Do you want web sites that can easily scale to millions of users?
Or build a system to reliably handle the coming Internet of Things (IoT) future?

Perhaps you just want to learn a programming language, which will teach you the techniques for building concurrent, functional, and fault-tolerant software.

Elixir is one of the fastest growing programming languages, for all of these reasons.

Created by José Valim, one of the Ruby on Rails core team members, Elixir is built on the tried and tested Erlang Beam (Virtual Machine). With cherry picked features from other modern languages such as Clojure, Ruby and Python, etc. it’s a joy to use, and makes functional programming much more accessible.

Erlang was built from the ground up, to get distributed, and fault-tolerant computing “right”. Elixir inherits these qualities, and packages it up in a beautiful modern language, with excellent tooling and access to all the existing Erlang libraries.

If you want to understand how Whatsapp, with less than 60 engineers, can send double the text messages of all the Telecoms companies put together, then come and learn Elixir. It’ll be fun!

What can you build with Elixir:

* Websites with Phoenix
* Microservices and APIs
* IoT devices, with the Nerves project – write and manage the client and the server
* Use all the cores on your computer
* Build concurrent event driven services, ideal for Robotics, etc.

What is this course about:

  • This is a beginners guide to learning the Elixir programming language. You will learn how to read and write in Elixir code, understand recursion, data immutability, and pattern matching.
  • This course lays the foundation for learning a functional language and gives you confidence with which to build your knowledge.
  • This is a beginners course in learning the basics of the language thus we do NOT go into OTP, Erlang or Macros.


Build a strong foundation in Elixir and functional programming with this tutorial for beginners.

  • What Elixir is and what it is good for
  • Types, functions and tools
  • Functional programming, immutable data, pattern matching and recursion
  • Tools, tests and documenting


A Skill for the Future of Programming
A developer in the future will need to have experience building functional and concurrent software. With the rise of the Internet of Things and greater need for scalable and fault-tolerant systems, developers are going to need experience building software that can cope with these kind of challenges.

Learning the fundamentals of Elixir will give you skills for the future. It’s free and easy to learn, with excellent documentation and a thriving friendly community.

Understanding an elegant functional language such as Elixir will greatly improve your programming skills in Object Orientated languages, such as Ruby, Python, Java and C#. It will also serve as a foundation for learning other functional languages.

Elixir is the language of the future, and will equip you with the skills that our future jobs are going to require.


Content and Overview
Suitable for students with programming experience who wish to learn a functional language but don’t know where to start. You’ll learn all of the Elixir
fundamentals and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind Functional programming.

Starting from set up, this course will walk you through the main language concepts and how they work, right up to building your own Elixir programs, and using some of the main tools.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge and confidence to create functional programs written in Elixir. You will be able to read and write code, and understand when to use the correct data structures.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn Elixir code from your own desk.
  • Suitable for students with programming experience wishing to learn a functional language, and ideal for users who learn faster when shown.
  • Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning.
  • Breaks down principles into simple steps.


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