Learn C# Coding with Unity (for Virtual Reality projects)

Take your first steps towards becoming a VR developer, prototyper or designer!

Learn C# Coding with Unity (for VR projects)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals C# and core features of Unity for Virtual Reality Programming.
  • Learn the basics of constructing logic in C#.
  • Improve your logic with methods, parameters, containers & Loops.
  • Get an overview over Object-oriented Programming Concepts.
  • Use Advanced types such as delegates, coroutines, and lambda expressions.
  • Solve a fun C# programming challenge!.
  • Other topics: Variables and Primitive Data Types, Actions and Delegates, Funcs, Exposing Fields and Randomization, Strings, Conditional and Logical Operators,.
  • Topics: Parameters, Parameter Modifiers and Return Statements, Coroutines, Lambda Expressions and Events, Arrays, Structs, Interfaces, Lists and Loops,.

Course Content

  • Week 1 –> 8 lectures • 1hr 16min.
  • Week 2 –> 6 lectures • 2hr 7min.
  • Week 3 –> 6 lectures • 1hr 15min.
  • Chapter 4 –> 7 lectures • 1hr 47min.

Learn C# Coding with Unity (for Virtual Reality projects)


Learn C# Coding with Unity (for VR projects)


We’re on the verge of a new industry. The metaverse is all around us! However, VR and AR developers cannot rely on drag and drop tools yet – and need to hardcode their applications to join the metaverse. As this is mostly uncovered territory, if you want to become a metaverse creator, you will need to showcase your curiosity, your willingness to deep-dive into coding problems, and your determination to stand up again after 100 failures.

Are you sure you want to become a Virtual reality prototyper? Sometimes it feels like a big risk to make a career change into programming. Learn C# programming, and find out if you enjoy coding.


This course has been designed to make you find out if you want to continue this path.

  • Do you enjoy learning to code? Trying, failing, trying, failing (100x times), & succeeding?
  • Do you enjoy engaging proactively with a community of like-minded people?
  • Do you enjoy challenging yourself with new concepts, tools, and methodologies?

Not everyone will shout yes to the above questions. Everyone has different strengths. This path may not be for everyone. Learning how to develop virtual reality games and applications means that you need to be open to learning in an environment that is heavily coding-based. Low-code tools are not preparing for your next XR project or job role and VR/AR designers become more valuable whenever they learn how to prototype.


Why is this course special? 

You will get access to our Proprietary XR Knowledgebase!

Based on all our students’ questions and previous lectures, we are continuously adding content to our XR knowledge base. With our proprietary tagging system, you will easily find answers to the most common questions around course content and XR project implementation. You will also get continuous access to all the recordings of the classes, in case you need to refresh your knowledge on topics treated in class


You will get an Invite to join the XR Creators Discord community!

The XR Creators Community is a community of over 3000 developers helping each other with their industry, tech, or VR/AR development questions. Join the server, there’s a dedicated channel just for questions and answers related to this course. This way, we make sure that you’re successful and can successfully finish this course.


Assignments and prepared asset downloads to get you started! 

Just watching videos won’t get you anywhere. We prepared easy, medium, and difficult assignments to challenge you and get you to apply your learnings to fun and real-life projects. If you need feedback, feel free to share your assignment submissions in the XR Creators discord community 🙂

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