Metaverse Masterclass: Best Metaverse Course for Newbies

Complete Metaverse Course with AR, VR, NFTs and Metaverse Research and Investing

Welcome to the Metaverse Masterclass…… Welcome to the new you and world where you and I will have avatars doing all the work for us.

What you’ll learn

  • What is a Metaverse?.
  • Why Metaverse has got all the intention.
  • What is AR and VR in metaverse.
  • How to create a Metaverse of your own within minutes?.
  • How Metaverse and NFTs and related?.
  • How to buy and sell Metaverse Investments in easy steps.
  • How to do your 5 step Metaverse Investment Research.
  • How to create Metaverse and build your own virtual world with Decentraland and Roblox.

Course Content

  • Introduction Part –> 2 lectures • 2min.
  • Metaverse Simplified –> 4 lectures • 39min.
  • Crypto and Metaverse Saga –> 6 lectures • 1hr 16min.
  • Getting into Metaverse Depths –> 13 lectures • 2hr 54min.

Metaverse Masterclass: Best Metaverse Course for Newbies


Welcome to the Metaverse Masterclass…… Welcome to the new you and world where you and I will have avatars doing all the work for us.

We can dance, walk, talk, sing and interact with one another without even moving an inch from our home,

Not only that, but you and I can be in Paris in one moment and in the Bahamas the other moment and in Texas the other moment just in one simple click.

All of this was too good to be true in the ’90s but now in 2022 everything is getting real and real and we are getting the opportunity to experience all of that from the comforts of our homes.

Yes, we are in the Web 3.0 world,

The Metaverse World…..

In this Metaverse Masterclass, I will walk you through all the exciting stuff from the world of Metaverse and how you and I can use this stuff to get the most vivid and real experience.

The course includes everything about Metaverse like –

  1. What is a Metaverse
  2. Why we need a Metaverse
  3. How can our lives be changed by Metaverse
  4. How AI and Metaverse and related
  5. What is AR
  6. What is VR
  7. How is AR different from VR
  8. How to use AR and VR in Metaverse
  9. What tools do we need in Metaverse
  10. Why some big tech giants are using and investing in Metaverse
  11. How Metaverse and NFTs are related
  12. Why NFTs and Cryptos align with Metaverse
  13. How to invest in Metaverse
  14. How to do your due diligence and research for Metaverse
  15. How Web 3.0 will affect your life in longer terms
  16. What are NFTs
  17. How to use NFTs
  18. How to create Metaverse for yourself
  19. Which platforms support Metaverse
  20. How to create a virtual land in under 20 minutes for Free
  21. How to buy, sell, and trade in virtual estate and land
  22. What is Virtual Estate
  23. How to have a virtual estate
  24. How a Real estate is different from Virtual estate
  25. How will Metaverse and Cryptos and Web 3.0 change everything?

I can write a lot about it but that will not help you. All you need to do is just join this course and I will make sure you learn everything about Metaverse from scratch.

No prior experience is required, anyone can learn everything about Metaverse from this course…

So, what’s next.

Start the course and I will see you on the other side.


Your #1 fan,



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