Sound Sleep Meditation

Improve your sleep, decrease your stress and find focus

What you’ll learn

  • Improved Quality of Sleep.
  • Less Stress and Better Health.
  • Easier Focus and Concentration..
  • Total Relaxation.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 53min.

Sound Sleep Meditation



Do you find it hard to fall asleep, consistently wake up at night or experience restless sleep patterns? These meditations are for you!

Combining relaxing music with gentle, guided meditation, Sound Sleep meditation is the perfect natural antidote to calm your mind, relax your body and prepare you for a perfect night’s sleep.

General Wellbeing; Soothe and relax your body. Let a sense of peace envelope you, especially before bed to give you a good rest.

Total Body Relaxation; Learn to master a unique body scan technique, where you’ll focus on your feet and then move your concentration up your body.

Gratitude for Bedtime; Gratitude will give you a renewed view of life and a feeling of contentment, especially before bed. Settle down with a sense of peace.

Setting Intentions for Dreams; Feel the benefit of taking control of your dreams and creating a positive environment, even while you sleep!

Best Night’s Rest; The ultimate meditation for the best night’s rest ever. Wake up well-rested and ready to start the day with renewed vigor.


Enjoy these guided meditations where our expert teacher, Marisa Imon will help you find deep relaxation for your body, and give you a sense of peace and wellbeing before you sleep.


You’ll get the best rest ever and wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to face the day.

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