Learn How to Play the Melodica

Go from Complete Beginner to a Great Player on the Melodica

Learn How to Play the Melodica

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Essentials on How to Play the Melodica.
  • Master Expression and Emotion on Melodica.
  • Learn How to add Details and Variation on Melodica.
  • Learn Tunes on Your Melodica.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 15 lectures • 1hr 11min.
  • Playing Tunes on your Melodica –> 11 lectures • 32min.

Learn How to Play the Melodica


Learn How to Play the Melodica

Welcome to an amazing adventure in music, where you will learn how to play this wonderful instrument called a Melodica.

Why is this such a great instrument you may ask? Well, let me tell you all the reasons I love the melodica, and why you should too:

It is small and portable, it is 100% acoustic so you can play it anywhere, it has a huge range of 3 full octaves with all chromatic notes, it plays from soft to loud dynamics, and it has incredible emotional and expressive playing abilities such as vibrato, crescendos, diminuendos, and much more.

You can play any melody and tune on the melodica, but what makes it even more versatile than many other acoustic wind instruments, is that you can play harmonies and even full chords with it. That means that you can use it both for leading melodies, or for backing parts.

Melodica – Quick Introduction

With the melodica, you get a piano-like keyboard, but you also get a hose and mouthpiece, plus in most cases a shorter mouthpiece without a hose. This is what you blow air into, to create the notes you want to play.

I recommend that you get the standard 37 key version, which is the one I have here. There are of course different brands and models to choose from. If you want to know what model this is that I am playing, it is called the Hohner Performer Melodica 37 Black. So, the layout of the keys is like a piano keyboard, and the standard range is from this lowest note, which is F3. To this highest F, which his F6. That means you have a full 3 octave range. If you play the lowest C on your melodica, that is the same C as the middle C on a piano. This is great, because that means the range of your melodica is similar to a female soprano vocalist in range, and therefore perfect for playing melodies to any music and song you can imagine.

Let’s Start Learning the Melodica now!

I hope you feel excited, now that you have learned how amazing the melodica really is. How versatile and wonderful of an instrument it is. Let’s start your learning journey and adventure where you will learn how to play the melodica, right now!

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