Electrical Motors

Direct Current Motors

Electrical Motor

What you’ll learn

  • Describe working principle of Direct Current(DC) motors.
  • Explain the function of each parts of Direct current motors.
  • Describe construction of series wound, shunt wound and compound wound DC motors..
  • Identify application area of different types of DC motor..
  • Describe speed and torque characteristics of series wound, shunt wound and compound wound DC motors..
  • Describe Brushless DC motor construction.
  • Understand the difference between Brushed and Brushless DC motor.
  • Understand brushless DC motor operation.

Course Content

  • Electrical Motors, DC motors –> 11 lectures • 2hr 17min.

Electrical Motors


  • No previous electrical and electronics knowledge is required, you will learn everything…
  • The course is designed for all levels..

Electrical Motor

Direct Current (DC) Motors

This Module consists of three Lessons:

In the first Lesson you will  introduced with the widely used motor, Brushed DC motor. Now a days DC motor are widely used in Industries, in Commercial and in House appliances. Twenty One centuries hobbyist used DC motor for different application; like to construct drone; dc motors used to drive drone propeller, DC motor used to actuate robots arm or robots parts. These days knowing motor or having motor knowledge and skill will open your feature career opportunity, not only this but also help you to replace, to repair and to select your house and office appliances’ motors.

DC motors are classified as Brushed and brushless DC motor. In this lesson 1 we will define brushed dc motor, we will  basic construction of dc motors, we will study general application area of DC motor;

In the second lesson you will study construction and operation of DC motors. Under this lesson we will discuss main parts of DC motor; such as rotor assembly, stator assembly and brush assembly discussed in detail. This lesson also discus the purpose of each dc motor components.

In the third lesson, We will discuss the three types of brushed dc motor such as, series wound, shunt wound, and compound wound  DC motor. Lesson 3 also discus Speed torque characteristics of each motor. In general in this lesson you we  will study speed, torque, and armature current characteristics of DC motors.; Dear trainees, in order to select specific motor for specific application we should know the speed and torque characteristic of the specific motors. In motor characteristics help us t to select the right motor for the right task. This lesson also discus  Brushless dc motor, under this lesson  we will learn construction, operation and application of brushless dc motor.

For your information; Brushless DC motors has two main parts; Stator and rotor. The rotor part of Brushless DC motors are made up of permanent magnet, so that this motor does not need  power connection with the rotor part. Brushless DC motor does not have  brush and commutator. The absence of brush and commutator make this motor the most silent and durable motor.

Note: This course is designed for Everybody, anybody can take this course. This course is ideal for all types and level of trainees.

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