Western Philosophy by Abhishek

An organized and scientific approach to learn philosophy

Western philosophy refers to the philosophical ideas and works of the Western world.

What you’ll learn

  • We will discuss Western philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Hegel, Quine, and many more will be simplified.
  • The course will help you to understand their philosophies with some practical and fun examples..
  • To provide you with a broader perspective, we will also compare different philosophers and their philosophies..
  • Last, but not the least, The course will provide you with a new perspective on Philosophy..

Course Content

  • Plato –> 8 lectures • 24min.
  • Aristotle –> 4 lectures • 11min.
  • Rationalism (Descartes , Spinoza, Leibniz) –> 4 lectures • 46min.
  • Empiricism (Locke , Berkeley , Hume) –> 4 lectures • 52min.
  • Immanuel Kant –> 7 lectures • 31min.
  • Hegel –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • Logical Positivism –> 3 lectures • 17min.
  • Phenomenology –> 3 lectures • 24min.
  • Existentialism –> 4 lectures • 41min.
  • G E Moore –> 4 lectures • 22min.
  • Quine –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • Miscellaneous –> 1 lecture • 2min.

Western Philosophy by Abhishek


Western philosophy refers to the philosophical ideas and works of the Western world.

It includes Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, among many others.

Western philosophy begins in the pre-Socrates era and reaches the modern day.

Different philosophers from different eras have a lot to offer. There is sometimes a contradiction between their views on various topics, and it is difficult to determine whether any common element can be found and if any core meaning can serve as universal and all-inclusive. But I tried my level best to categorize their philosophies based on their beliefs.

The course will discuss concepts like Empiricism , Rationalism , Monism , Atomism ,and logical positivism in detail.

Western philosophy has often reflected on theories that emphasize formalism and universal concepts. I have made sure that I have discussed this with complete sincerity.

This course also explores how western philosophy evolved over time.

All the complicated concepts that evolved over time from different philosophers are explained in an easy manner in this course.

Everyone who has never studied philosophy and has never had any experience with it will benefit from this course. Well-organized presentation and a smooth flow make this course easy to follow.

I am hoping that the course will be of benefit to many students.


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